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dimanche 30 septembre 2012

Happy Birthday Ninon!

I don't Forgot !
I do really love you hé!
Bonne chance dans ton art appliqué! <3

dimanche 23 septembre 2012

Nekos Sbire

Nekos Sbire is a team I create last year with friends :D
From the left: Nyien(#nautilus) ; Toadwan(#Fizz) ; Viplex(#Draven) ; Me -Yankee- (#Nasus)
NoLevel used to play with us as Ari. :)
You can Check out our Facebook page :

Do you like Mangas? ..

It really happened to me ^_^
and this day I really had this shirt :

mardi 18 septembre 2012

Ziggs LoL (with special Color)

for this coloration I wanted to do something very personal
and abstract.. I say I get it, didn't I? ^_

Ziggs - League of Legends

Well I get tired more and more, but i've made this "fanArtwork" from
Ziggs (LoL) -may some people know it-; I m going to colour it soon :)
remember I have an official facebook page

mercredi 12 septembre 2012


well guys, today i m to tired for draw ^_^
But i've made this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STKjbPlA3Dc inspired by a book i red few times ago (the perks of being a wallflower)  (i m not a musician, be generous)

mardi 11 septembre 2012

vendredi 7 septembre 2012

lundi 3 septembre 2012


Bon voilà cpas top mais c'est un entrainement tablette, histoire de faire des dessins directement sur l'ordi
(evitons de parler de la qualité des dessins papier)